The jewelry selection in T-SPOT is in tune with the overall feel of the store: fun and eclectic, artistic and meticulously made.

The artists we represent are mostly American designers that hand craft their own pieces. From Brooklyn to San Diego, with a must-stop in Portland and of course, right here in Manzanita, there is a lot of talent, so narrowing down the choices might be hard sometimes.

A notable foreign exception is the Israeli artist Ayala Bar, who’s unique esthetic and clever use of fabrics in combination with beads and metal embellishments create  irresistible eye catching accessories.

We like seeing creative recycling in art, and carry the passion into the lineup of the brands we carry. Our customers are often surprised to find out that the earrings they are purchasing used to be a copper roof in Madison, WI or that the bracelet on the shop owner’s wrist is a reincarnated bike inner tube.

Be it a casual every day pair of earrings or a wedding set – we hope you find it in one of our many jewelry displays.

reddotBrands we carry: Altitude defines attitude, Amy Burgess, Araxa, Ayala Bar, Balsamroot Ranch, BeMused Creations, Featherwood, Green Tree jewelry, Holly Yashi, JIllBeads, Jo Bird, JUL, Kristina collection, Le Danse, Mark Poulin, Marlene Vanbeek, Michal Golan, Nervous system, Patricia Locke, Seeka, Tracy Jane, Urban Lace, Yoolie.